"Thank you! I just wanted to also say we think you and your teachings through all the 10+ years of Taekwondo each of our boys had was a huge positive influence on both of them.

Looking forward to many more years with Tae San :)"
Sheryl & Bob Kelly
"Congratulations!!!! (on the 20th anniversary) We love being a part of the community you have built. Thank you for all you do for the kids.
Brett & Kathleen Monroe
"Congratulations! You guys have helped change my life. Thank you!"
Bill Cooke
"Happy Birthday, Tae San! Thank you for all you do to support confidence and a strong growth mindset to our children!"
The Emerson family
"We have all loved coming for the past 15 (!) years and are glad you are still around!"
Carol Faustman, Meg & Cameron Rackliff
"Tae San was a huge part of Sean and Owen's life and the skills they learned helped to set them up to succeed in college and beyond - especially the discipline and focus (which all young boys need)."
Steve Greene
"I have been going to Tae San Yoga for over a year and it has become one of the things that I am completely addicted to. Perhaps what I love most about Tae San is that it is a place where I can go for an hour or two every week and completely forget about everything else that is going on in my life and the world. It is a calm and peaceful space where we all come together to learn about how our bodies work and also about how the breath, which keeps us all alive, flows in and out of them. The classes I attend cater to all levels of knowledge, and there is never a feeling of competition among my classmates. We all support each other as we stretch and get rid of our “monkey voices”, as Jason (one of the teachers there) tells us. As we get older our bodies get stiffer and the one thing that we can do for them, and those who will take care of us, is to make sure that we retain flexibility and mobility. Tae San is a wonderful community of people, among which I count myself a proud member, which emphasizes how important it is to strengthen one's individual health, to form a bond with each other around joint interests, and to set out on a life-long journey of knowledge and self-exploration."
Felicity Harley
"I have been training at Tae San for 16 years, and even though I am now in a different state attending college, I always look forward to returning to train during the summer and school breaks. Choosing to train at Tae San was one of my first major life decisions and I am entirely confident that I would not be the person I am today without having had it in my life. I will be forever grateful to Tae San for the life experiences it has provided, the values it has instilled and the community that it has created."
Nicole Bambara
"As you know, we hosted Jordan's birthday at Tae San today. It was great. The kids had tons of fun. Scott and I were laughing at the antics as we watched. Caleb was the lead and he was totally engaged and in charge. The kids couldn't get enough. Jordan felt special and totally celebrated. You have done something very special. Jes, Caleb, Nick, Kristen, Branden and Garret represent your business well. Our new neighbors were there with their son and are now checking dates he could do a camp. Thank you for loving our kids and letting them know they are special."
Heather Summerer
"Your staff is A-MAY-ZING at Camp Tae San. Margaret is loving her time there and it's so reassuring for me to watch her independence as she embarks on her kindergarten adventures."
Jen Emerson